21.5 Kids Club

21.5 Kids Club


Just for Kids. Get that car out of the cupboard, charge up the battery and bring junior down for some pure racing fun.  A fun class just for kids so they can build up their confidence, learn racing skills and not have to stand next to someone twice their size. Many high 5’s and lots of laughing. Kids are just happy to finish. Time sheet?  What time sheet. Who gives a rats about time sheets? “ Look dad I finished without crashing.” “I did 10 laps that time” “ did you see me do that incredible spin and keep going?”  Just some of the whacky comments kids have after a race. No one comes off the drivers stand disappointed, loads of encouragement and help where its needed

Come on down, bring dad or mum if you really have to. Dust off that hallway racer join other kids with a need for speed and do it where the car wont crash into mums pot plant or get stood on or chased by the dog.

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  1. 🕔 11:56, 05.December 2018

    Adrian Field

    Hi Fran,

    Firstly let me apologize for no one getting back to you in an orderly manner.
    Unfortunately at the moment we are not running the kids club like we used to.
    I am sorry again for no one getting back to you. Our website is very out of date and will be getting a revamp over the holidays to be more up to date with things happening at BRCCC.


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