3hr Enduro

📁 News, Nitro 3 Hour Enduro 🕔12.February 2014
3hr Enduro

M3 hr 2any of you will know that the BRCCC holds a 3 Hour Enduro event for Nitro Cars In the back end of November. Those of you that attended know that we had a delayed weather start. Due to a violent hail storm 15 minutes from the end, which not only spoilt the day but damaged many competitors cars, it robbed the enduro of being able to correctly announce the winners. On the day the Computer System got wet and we were only able to retrieve some information and unfortunately awarded 1st place to the wrong team. Once the information was retrieved from the computer and the accumulated penalties applied, we had a new winner. Some controversy ensued which ended amicably and the the 1st place trophies were presented to the Boys from Budget Hobbies last Saturday.

This sets up a show down later in the year for the defending 3 Hour Enduro winners. Will it be a best of 3 for two rival hobby shops or will a new player emerge victorious in 2014 and upset the apple cart.
Thanks to all the competitors for their patience in this matter and it just goes to show that sportsmanship is still alive and well in our hobby.

Cheers Brendan

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