A Great meeting Saturday night

📁 Race reports 🕔24.June 2013
A Great meeting Saturday night

BRCCC would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the club and its facilities. We had a cracker meeting on Saturday night thanks to all of you. A special thanks to go out to Bob Vardy (Barger) for donating a big bag of used tyres and wheels to Kids Club. Enough practice sets for them for a long time.

Kids club was a little short on entries this week with regulars Chad, Harrison and Molly all doing school holiday activities. (Lucky hey, James, all that extra time to spend on your own car.). Elliot TQ’d for the night and then left Rydell and Dylan to fight it out for top spot on the podium for the night. Well done to you both for some good racing. A win each in the finals with Rydell the ultimate winner on the night.

21.5 saw James win the night, But not before Brad P was fastest to TQ. Trent & Ryan were close but not enough to worry the Xray driver. After a disastrous Wednesday night session James probably takes the win after stepping up the maintenance a notch.

17.5 served up some really tight racing one minute then penalty box the next. Angus got the TQ and blew it away for Jai P and Kahla to come home 1 & 2 respectively

Mod mixed with 10.5 had a few dramas. But they didn’t affedct Corey. You know you’ve had a good night with TQ, FTD and top points for the night. I don’t knowwhat Peter B has to do to take a win from young Corey but if anyone can do it peter hasthe best shot at present. Leonard finished a credible third after not completing the heats. And nice to see Scott Guyatt back in the top division matching some fast lap times, jus unable to string a whole bunch of them together just yet.

Pro Tourer put on a great show tonight. Marty, Chance, John. No its Chance, Marty, John. Then John, who TQ’d by the way, Chance, Marty. John had a more experienced pitman this week and there was nothing in it a couple of times during the 15 minute race. In the end though it was Chance who’s nerves hung in the longest. Marty held on to be a few seconds behind and John third. Very entertaining gents with some courteous and sportsman like driving behavior you can all take credit for.

See you all again next time in 2 weeks.

Cheers Brendan


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