Brccc 3hr Enduro all rapped up for 2013

📁 News, Nitro 3 Hour Enduro 🕔24.November 2013
Brccc 3hr Enduro all rapped up for 2013

With a crystal clear morning, a clean dry track and expectations high teams arrived. a very light look at all the cars, some tyre marking and assigning numbers, then practice was on. Not everyone made it out to practice and it sort of set the tone for the day. As hail pelted down at the 2 hour 47 minute mark the race was over. A major bummer for the end to what was truely a great days racing.
The racing was clean and because everyone had a good grip on the rules, there were no extra penalties given out other than the original seeding penalties. Teams fronted up with all sorts of strategies. Longer run times, speedier fuel stops and smooth driver change overs all day saw the Mr Toys crew Mick Sherman, Wade Lobely and Michael Redmond take out the Enduro for the second year in a row. A near faultless performance by the Budget Hobbies team saw them just 4 laps behind and Team Gunna in for a solid 3rd. All 3 podium placings completed over 500 laps. A stella performance.
The red eyes of concentration after 1/2 hour stints, the heat, the frantic pace should have seen a bit more carnage. 7 teams started, 7 teams finished. A walk around pit lane during the half hour break saw gears being changed, clutches pulled a part. All manner of unforeseen gremlins. A buggered Savox Server meant Team SNAFU lost an agonizing 70 laps while it was being fixed.
There was an outstanding amount of pit to driver communication which seemed to help heaps. I only recollect a couple of cars actually running out of fuel stretching it that little bit too far.
I’d personally like to thank everyone who took part in the Enduro for their courteous behavior and understanding in the tight pit lane area we had taped out. The unsung hero’s were the pitmen who did not actually drive but took great care of the cars, particularly during driver change overs.
Thanks to Steve Keulemans for making the effort to come down and help out, Thanks to the couple of folks who helped pick up rubbish after the storm.
Not being a gas driver I do not get the same buzz out of racing these cars as you fellas, but I’ve got to say the atmosphere was awesome. There were spectators coming and going all day. Most just passing by stopping in to see what was happening.
Thanks to John Taynton for a magic job on the computer after a bit of false start dramas at the beginning and no one can complain about the trophies he chose for you guys.
Thanks for putting on a great show today and I hope you can all make it back next year.

Cheers Brendan

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