Great race meet on saturday nite

📁 21.5 Kids Club News, Race reports 🕔29.April 2013
Great race meet on saturday nite

Well no-one cchad1an complain about how much grip the track had last night, with the Mods into the 16.9’s and pro tourer in the 17.1’s traction was at it’s best and got better as the night progressed.
A PARENTAL WORD OF WARNING. DO NOT GIVE YOUR KIDS HOME BRAND GREEN CORDIAL. This stuff has the highest sugar content we could find on the shelf. Sprayed on the track it makes for some deadly grip. When cars are traction rolling off the painted kerbs traction is high.
Kids club only head 3 entrants tonight. A new contestant Rydell just has to stay on the track a little more and he’ll knock Elliot off his perch. Both posting personal bests in the last final. Molly cracked it for 6 laps and a personal best in her 1st final.
21.5 Was the largest class this week with some of the old hands dropping back for some close racing. When you TQ add fastest lap of the night, crack an 18 lapper in this class, then go on to win, your night just doesn’t get any better. Brad Palmer ticked all these boxes tonite. Lapping faster than half the 17.5 guys he obviously has the package to beat in this class at present.
17.5 and young Liam didn’t have it all his own way. Jai TQ’d and Angus & Duncan were there all night but just didn’t have the luck on their side. Some close racing and rubbin’ is racing moments could have turned out either way.
In Mod you would think that if you set a blistering 16.949 lap and 0.194 difference in fastest lap over the field that it was going to to be an exiting night. After TQing Leonard Had a drama in the 1st final handing the top points to ED Clark who after a lousy practice came good when it counted.
Pro Tourer was was more entertaining tonite than usual with both front runners suffering a flame out Chance looked to have the 15 minute final in the bag with Johns pit-man having to race back to the bench after a pit-stop. John put in some blinding laps to catch up up. Goes to show that its not over until the clock stops. Chance never gave up. Meanwhile Cooper just kept lapping consistently and came away with a brilliant second.
And last but not least the canteen, kept our tanks full all night. Much appreciated guys. A steak burger that McDonald’s couldn’t afford to make for the price, more onions than than necessary but who’s complaining. Good work.
A great night had by all.

Cheers Brendan

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