Nitro 3 Hour Enduro update

📁 News, Nitro 3 Hour Enduro 🕔25.October 2013
Nitro 3 Hour Enduro update

With the Nitro 3 hour enduro approching, there has been some discussion amongst some of the drivers

about seeding.

With 30 days to the event one rule has been add to the enduro.

Driver Seeding                       Drivers will be seed into one of three groups (A,B,C) by the race director and the BRCCC Committee. 


                                               Seeding will be done on the drivers known ability. 

                                               Classes will consist of a penalty for each driver only.


                                               A Class Drivers will incur a -5 lap penalty  (Per Driver )    

                                               B Class Drivers will incur 0 lap penalty (Per Driver)

                                               C Class Drivers will incur +10 laps (Per Driver)

                                           This penalty will apply to two of the drivers in each team only

3 Drivers Teams only            Example (If a team consist of 2 A Class Drivers and B class driver,   the penalty apply’s to the two highest seed drivers)

This penalty system can be updated or changed at any time by the

BRCCC Committee before the Event Starts

Entry Form can be found here

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