Nomination List has Been updated

📁 Interclub News 🕔08.August 2013
Nomination List has Been updated

Ok Drivers there is just over 1 week till the start of the 3rd round of the SEQ interclub challenge round 3 held at BRCCC

If you are going to race please fill in the online nomination form

Online nomination can be found here

Current Nomination List as at Thursday 8th August 2013

Saturday – 17th August 2013


21.5 Tourer

Wayne Sutton   Lcrccc
Karl Kuehner   Lcrccc
Molly Taynton   Brccc
Bella Taynton   Brccc
Liam Chadwick   Brccc
Maks Tomalak   Lcrccc
Connor Shapland Qrccra
Jasper Shapland Qrccra
Brendan Hollis Brccc
Chad Dowling Brccc
Elliot Hollis Brccc
James Bok Choi Don Brccc
Trent Dalziel Brccc

SuperStock 10.5 Tourer

Corey Broadstock   Brccc
Robert Powell   Qrccra
Trevor Kerr   Qrccra
Duncan Vaughan   Brccc
Jai Perry   Brccc
Steven Irivne   Qrccra
Andrew Shapland Qrccra
Ed Clark  Lcrccc
Richard Chun Qrccra
Kerry Novak  Qrccra

Gas Tourer

Garth Halton  Brccc
Richard Christie  Qrccra



Sunday – 18th August 2013

17.5 Tourer

Liam Chadwick Brccc
Robert Powell Qrccra
Trevor Kerr Qrccra
Duncan Vaughan Brccc
Jai Perry Brccc
Garth Halton Brccc
Ray Griffiths  Scrccc
Brendan Hollis Brccc
Kingsley Dyke  Brccc


Modified Tourer

Corey Brodstock Brccc
Steven Irivne   Qrccra
Andrew Shapland Qrccra
Ed Clark  Lcrccc
Kerry Novak  Qrccra
Scott Guyatt Chargers


Pro Tourer

John Taynton   Brccc
Clayton Hughes   Brccc
Marty Hall   Brccc
Trevor Connors  Brccc
Jeff Hamon  Qrccra



Wayne Sutton
Karl Kuehner
Ray Griffiths

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