President Shield 2016

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President Shield 2016

Bayside Radio Control Car Club

Presents the

President Shield 2016

DATE: Saturday 13th Feburary 2016

VENUE: 1898 Wynnum Road
Wynnum West Qld 4178

TIME: 11am


Practice 11:00am

Nomination 1.00pm

Drivers Briefing 1.40pm

Concourse 1.55pm

Racing Commences 2.00pm
– 21.5 Electric
– 13.5 Electric
– Modified Electric
– Pro Tourer
Finals from 5.00pm Appox

TROPHIES: Presented at the conclusion of the Race Meet.

PRACTICE: The track is open at all times for practice during the day.

PIT AREAS: The BRCCC offers covered pit areas and benches
Some lighting is provide but best bring your own
The Committee will post updates on its website in regards to this event.

No Smoking as set out in BRCCC Rules
No Foul Language or Unsportsmanlike behavior as set out in BRCCC Rules
No Alcohol as set out in Lease Agreement – Brisbane City Council.
All Rules are to the Race Directors and Committee Interpretation

ENTRY FEE: Adults : $20 for one class
$30 for two classes

Juniors: $10 for one class
$15 for two classes

Fees are payable on the day.

A minimum of five entries per class will be required.
The B.R.C.C.C. reserves the right to cancel the said Presidents Shield if we do not receive the required number of nominations

NOMINATIONS: Online Nomination at this is preferred way of nominating for this event

or email the form to:

SCRUTINEERING: Scrutineering will be conducted randomly and at the discretion of the race director for BRCCC. All cars at the conclusion of each race must be left on the scrutineer’s table. Motors may be pulled down at the completion of the finals. Elect motors may be checked at any time

FORMAT: Qualifiers: Staggered start

All classes will participate in three qualifying rounds.

6 min – 21.5 Electric
6 min – 13.5 Electric
5 min – Modified Electric
5 min – Gas Tourer
5 min – Pro Tourer

Finals: Grid start

21.5 Electric A Main – 3 x 30 lap rounds
13.5 Electric A Main – 3 x 25 lap rounds
Modified Electric A Main – 3 x 20 lap rounds
Pro Tourers A Main – 150 laps
Lower Electric Finals – 2 x 6min
Lower Gas Finals – 15 minutes.


Top ten qualifiers (best 1 of 3 qualifying time)
Next 10 qualify for B Final and so on. Numbers for lower finals may vary depending on numbers.

Finals Special rule:
1. At any stage during finals if there is no competitors on the track for a period of 5 mins the race will be finish and a winner will be declared at the time of the race being called.

2. Electric Finals will consist of 3 races. A final position race 1 will start as per qualifying rounds.
2nd leg final will start as per the finish position of leg 1 position.
3rd leg final will start as per the finish position of leg 2 Finishing position. Points from all 3 races will count towards overall winner

TROPHIES: – Trophies for first three places in each class.
– 1 x Concourse Trophy – See Technical Regulations
– 1 x Overall Trophy for the driver with the most points

President Shield champion: Points will be awarded for the first 10 places in the qualifying heats for all classes. and the A final for Gas and overall finals for Electric (10,9,8,7, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on).. 1 point will be awarded to the top qualifier from each class and points will be award on finals position overall only. Qualifying margin will be used for tiebreak.

The President shield Champion will be awarded a perpetual shield and trophy.


ELECTRIC: ORRCA Rulebook. These rules are published on web site. They are also available from your local ORRCA Affiliated club secretary.

GAS TOURER: As per Orrca/interclub rules.


TYRES: Tyre choice is open for all classes.

CONCOURSE: 1 overall trophy. Complete car and shell to be presented for

All Race rules will be at the race director and Brccc committee’s interpretation


Driver Name ______________________________________

Club Name (Member of) ______________________________________

Postal Address ______________________________________

E-Mail Address ______________________________________

Phone _________________ Mob ________________

Date of Birth ______________________________________

Classes Frequencies (three required)

21.5 Electric _________ _________ _________

13.5 Electric _________ ________ _________

Modified Electric _________ _________ _________

Pro Tourers (Open Nitro) _________ ________ _________

Personal Transponder number __________

Total entry fee $____________ payable on race day

I have read and agree to abide by the rules and technical regulations advised in this entry form and in the ORRCA and AARCMCC rulebook and at the drivers briefings to be held during the event
All Rules are to the Race Directors and Committee Interpretation

Signed. ___________________________________(Parent to sign on behalf of junior)


Return Nomination Form to : BRCCC INC P.O. Box 8068, Wynnum North. 4178.

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