Race report Saturday 26th October

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Race report Saturday 26th October

Well race fans Saturday night was a cracker. I Hope you had as much fun racing as I did watching.I normally start with Kids Club, but the spot light this week is on Mod. Congratulations to Jason Dorn who lowered the lap record yet again in heat 2 on lap 6. At this point in time no one has gone quicker around the ole goat track. Mod had a fantastic turn out and Jason not only had the fastest lap ever but also TQ’d and won the night ahead of Corey Broadstock 2nd and Michael Redmond 3rd.  A good field and some equality racing. Nice work guys.

Kids club 21.5. We gave Elliot a hard time in the first heat. Held him back for the first lap, a stop go for bumping into Molly and a 10 second penalty box for being too fast. Still won the heat by 1 second. Elliot TQ’d and took the night ahead of Sean Vallely and Connor Shapland. Molly put in some of her fastest laps ever and new comer Taylah Halton also improved on her last outing. Chads due for a speed upgrade because his ability has him putting in some goods laps so now he ‘s earnt the right to a bit more speed.

Not such a big filed in 21.5 this week but none the less cooper porter blew the field away with relative newbie Trent starting show that he could be a major candidate for events on 2014. Watch out Cooper they are catching up. Nice to Steve back competing and giving Jacinta cause to look over her shoulder again.

Now 17.5 have put up a good showing with Garth Halton wrenching a new XRAY together and running away with TQ and outright win for the class with Duncan Vaughan and Mr Awesomatix Brett Ryan filling in the minor placings.

Pro tourer was a topsey turvey night with some bad luck for some old hands and good fortune for others. Marty hall beat them by a lap in the end with Cooper doing double duty and hanging in for 2nd , Trevor Connors 3rd.

Hope you all had a top night.

Cheers Brendan

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